Cuarter Mile you mean?

That’s right! The Cuarter Mile is the distance to which american dragsters run to the limit. In this races both two cars push it to reach the finish line in first place after 14 mi, or about 400 meters.

With a breathtaking leap from 0 to 280 mph within the first 660 feet, the Top Fuel Dragsters are the elite in speeding motorsport. Being able to control 11.000 BHP and keep it in a straight line until the end is quite an achievement, but getting there first is what makes the difference.

In high-level competition only the best succeed. It’s the same in advertising, and that’s why we love it. The automotive universe is the playground where spread our ideas loose. Impact and visual power are our tools. We’re best at telling winning stories.

Born as a hybrid between an agency and a production company, we have focused in filming and shooting almost anything that moves.

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