What is Quarter Mile TV?

It’s a Creative Content & Ad Agency focused in the automotive, motorcycle and motorsports industry: we make TV & Online advertisement.

The Quarter Mile is the standard distance of American drag races. In this competition style two cars push their machines to the limit in order to win after 1/4 mile (1.320 feet or about 400 meters). With a breathtaking acceleration from 0 to 280 mph within the first 660 feet, Top Fuel Dragsters are the elite in speeding motorsport. With up to 11.000 BHP under the bonnet, keeping it straight is quite an achievement itself, but getting there first is what makes the difference. It is only the best that succeed in top-level competitions.

The same principle applies to advertising: there’s only room for the best, and we’re quite there at selling stories. We know exactly how to make a great ad, and will advise you on how to best manage your resources and produce a successful campaign.

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